Want a fun way to keep active with workmates or friends? Looking to make new friends? Do you want to try a quirky way to network with other professionals? Or need some extra fitness during the season? Whatever you’re after, Wollongong Touch has the answer!

Registrations are now being taken for Wollongong Touch’s first competition of 2018, which begins on Monday, February 5th for Men’s & Women’s or Tuesday, February 6th for the Mixed Competition.

WTA would also like to know how best to improve the competition in the future, so if you have any suggestion on how to make your job easier please don’t hesitate to let us know via return email (Admin@wollongongtouch.com.au), or complete the online competition survey via the link – Survey Link.

The cost of the next competition will be $900.00, following Wollongong Touch’s decision to keep team costs down for another competition.

The nomination process is now open for both of these competitions just head to the Wollongong Touch website or click on the link Register Now.

Team Registration will close on Wednesday 24th of January so best not to delay and register online now.

All you will need to know is the Managers name and a secondary contact, the team’s name and/or previous name, a preferred time, along with the division you played in the last competition.

To assist in the grading of the teams for 2018 during the team nomination process we will be asking for the following information.

High = High Grade

Majority of players have played at a good level. High level of athleticism, ball skills and fitness required.

Int. = Intermediate Grade

Majority of players have played Touch before. Good level of athleticism, ball skills and fitness required.

Low = Low Grade

New teams where the majority of players have not played Touch before. Low level of athleticism, ball skills and fitness required.

Do not delay register your team NOW for the 2018 Season 1 Competition and be a part of the fun, via the Registration Link

If you have any questions or require assistance during the nomination process please contact Rob Summers at Admind@wollongongtouch.com.au or via mobile phone on 0413 301 802.