The 2020/21 Season 2 Summer competition begins at Wollongong Touch Monday November 2.

An influx of teams have signed up to play in this season’s Summer comp, with strong divisions in Men’s, Women’s on Monday’s and Mixed on a Tuesday night.

WTA is currently in the middle of up fixing the lighting at Thomas Dalton Park and due to a delay in parts and set backs from the wet weather, some changes have been made to the start of the Summer competition.

For the first few weeks games will be played at 6pm, 6:45pm and 7:30pm time slots, in a touch down turn around concept with no half time. This will change back to 2 x 20 minutes halves once the lighting upgrades are complete and all 9 fields are back in play.

Please find below links to the draw for Round one:

Good Luck and Have Fun.

WTA Family.