Interested in becoming a coach, assistant coach or manager of a Senior Representative team with Wollongong Touch Association in 2018? WTA is looking to expand the number of representative teams in its ranks, and applications are now being accepted.

Coaches, assistant coaches, and managers are required to have the NSWTA-mandated coaching qualifications, a Working With Children Check, and a sound understanding of current practices.

In addition to providing top-class coaching guidance, team management must be enthusiastic, inviting, approachable and responsible. All members of team management must maintain an open line of communication with WTA technical staff, and have a transparent working relationship with club executive members.

WTA has a strong tradition of attending NSWTA tournaments throughout the year. Below are some key dates to be mindful of for planning training and season schedules. Please note that these are not the only tournaments available, and teams aren’t required to attend all events. Country Championships and State Cup are 2 tournaments WTA will be looking to send all of its representative teams, while Hornets Regionals and Vawdon Cup are 2 additional events which can assist in preparing teams for State Cup and Country Champs.

WTA is looking for coaches for Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Opens divisions, plus all senior representative age groups, from under 20’s to over 50’s.

To apply, or obtain any further information, please contact WTA Technical Director, Jared Constable on

Key dates:

Vawdon Cup (Sydney Championships) – Weekly, July- November 2018, various locations in Sydney

Country Championships – Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st of October 2018 at Thomas Dalton Park, Fairy Meadow.

Hornets Regionals – 2-Day Event, October 2018, location TBC

State Cup – Friday 7th December-Sunday 9th December, Port Macquarie Regional Stadium