The Wollongong Touch Committee would like to thank all teams for being a part of the 2018 Season 1 competition. Wollongong Touch are looking to have as many teams as possible involved on Grand Final night, below you will find the game schedule for both Monday and Tuesday night.

If your team is involved then we wish you all the best in the Grand Finals. If not, we would like to invite you along to enjoy the games and a BBQ to celebrate the winners on the night.

Monday 4th of June Grand Finals

6:15 pm – Men’s Div 3 Consulation – Australia V Figtree Eyecare – Field 2

                   Men’s Div 4 Bowl – Golden Compass Tours V Cardno Cattle Feeders – Field 4

                   Women’s Div 2 – Touch me if you can V Benali Signs – Field 5

                   Men’s Div 2 – Thunder V TBH – Field 8

                   Women’s Div 1 – Lady Sliders V Touch Heads – Field 8.

7:15pm – Men’s Div 4 Louie 5 V YON – Field 4

                  Men’s Div 1 – Lambert Kitchens V Touchables – Field 8

                  Men’s Div 3 – Blue Fire V TBA Raiders – Field 9.

Tuesday 5th of June Mixed Grand Finals

6:15pm – Mixed Div 3 Consulation – A Good Team V Touche’ – Field 2

                  Mixed Div 5 Keen Spleens V Step Wars – Field 4

                  Mixed Div 1/2 Consulation – Reece Cochran Painting V Stack Heard McEWan – Field 5

                  Mixed Div 2 – Grasshoppers V the Mixed up Guys and Girls – Field 8

                  Mixed 3 Bowl – Mercury V Marksman Homes – Field 9

7:15pm – Mixed Div 4 – First Class Roofies V Solar Technology – Field 4

                  Mixed Div 1 – Axolotis V Young & the Restless – Field 8

                  Mixed Div 3 The Pigeons V Dignam Real Estate – Field 9

If you have any questions please contact Rob Summers on 0413 301 802.

Thanks for taking the time to organise your team during the season and we hope that you have enjoyed the season, we would also like to take this time to invite you to join 2018 season 2, further information will be sent to you shortly with regards to the process of nominations for your team.

We are more than happy for any feedback on how we can improve the competition in the future with this in mind Wollongong Touch will be sending out a questionnaire please take the time to give us some feedback.