Congratulations to the following Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers, ahead of the 2019 Representative Season. If you feel like you can contribute positively to the Devils family, please get in touch!

A big representative season lies ahead. Congratulations to the coaches appointed to steer the Devils’ ship! Representative Trials will be held on the morning of August 25th at Thomas Dalton Park (times TBC).

We are still in need of volunteers to assist with managerial roles. Please contact WTA Technical Director Jared Constable via if you wish to get involved!

Men’s Open 1

Coach: Joel Willoughby. Assistant Coach: Matt Tope. Manager: Terry Deegan

Men’s Open 2

Coach: Steve Sopher. Assistant Coach: Simon Farrugia. Manager: Jared Constable

Men’s Open 3

Coach: Brad Elbourne. Assistant Coaches: Barry Jackson & Adam Sargent-Wilson (and club morale-booster)

Women’s Open

Tim Robinson

Women’s 30s

Joel Willoughby

Women’s 20s

Coach: Cara Zaremski. Assistant Coaches: Emily Burke & Loz Rynehart

Wollongong Touch Association plans to send teams to the NSW Touch Country Championships and NSW Touch State Cup. Country Championships will be held on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October, on the Central Coast. NSW State Cup is always held on the first full weekend of December (6th, 7th & 8th) at the Squires Way Sporting Complex, Port Macquarie.