Thank you to all the boys who trialled over the 3 trials, it was very high quality touch and everyone should be congratulated.

Below is the squad of 16 players.

Can all players meet at Thomas Dalton Park club house at 6:00pm Wednesday before their games.

First Training session will be Sunday 2:00pm Thomas Dalton Park

1. Hamish Stewart

2. Taj Ford

3. Ashton Ward

4. Bryden Rutledge

5 . Ky Air

6. Dylan Egan

7. Kynan Clough

8. Joshua Daniel

9. Alec Rochaix

10. Ollie McCarthy

11. Kyan Hjaltason

12. Jaryd Turner

13. Wes Pring

14. Beau Anderson


15. Blake Hasler

16. Billy Sargent- Wilson