All Winter Members – Round 3 Update

Please check the draw for Round 3 of the Winter comp scheduled for Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 of May.

Click here to view the draw. 

This week’s duty teams are: 6:15pm – The Donkeys F.C, Golf, Da Kids, TBH 7pm – Blue Fire, Better Floors, Schmoo Farmers, Golden Compass

All duty teams must provide one player and report to Vince at the canteen 10 minutes before their timeslot. If you have a whistle, please bring it.

The rain is expected to continue across the weekend, and fields will be assessed prior to Monday. They are currently in racing terms, a Heavy 10.

Note: Round 2 games will be replayed following the last round of the competition, with finals to be pushed back 1 week. Any further interruptions due to weather will unfortunately be recorded as wash-outs.