This National Volunteer Week (#NVW2018) we thank all those special people who make our club great! To recognise someone or get involved, read on!

From the referees who turn up in the freezing cold, to the coaches who make months of sacrifices to coach a team.

From the canteen helpers, and uniform sorters, to the mums and dads who put their hands up to help fill a hole between juggling family commitments.

From the players who answer the last-minute call for help, to the administrators who make sure everyone’s needs are met.

From the line markers who guide the way to the jelly bean counters who map the future.


Wollongong Touch Association would not be the club it is today without the help, support, and service of dedicated volunteers who have worked tirelessly over the past 38 years to keep WTA going! We thank each and every one of you for helping.

Would you like to see a volunteer recognised? Follow send an email to the address below to dob in a do-gooder, and they might even be recognised as WTA Club Person of the year!!

Also, if you feel you can help support WTA as a volunteer, please contact Administrator Rob Summers on