Wollongong Touch Association is excited to announce the launch of its landmark High-Performance Academy, in partnership with BaiMed Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic. Junior Devils are set to the biggest winners from the return of leading Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks Performance Physiotherapist Dan Lawson, who will take the reigns of this new program.

As WTA embarks on the 2019 New South Wales Junior State Cup campaign, the Devils are thrilled to unveil its ground-breaking Wollongong Touch High-Performance Academy.

For the first year of this new initiative, four (4) Wollongong teams will take part in the unique opportunity.  Players in the Devils Under 14s and Under 16s Boys and Girls teams will gain access to an unprecedented level of personalized and industry-leading training opportunities co-ordinated and overseen by experienced BaiMed staff, led by leading NRL Strength and Conditioning specialist, Dan Lawson.

The program will involve 10 sessions (spaced out over the duration of the Junior State Cup campaign) at BaiMed’s Figtree Performance Centre, in addition to team training dates set down by coaches.

“With the continued growth of the NRL Touch Premiership, WTA recognises there’s a pathway for our players to compete at an elite level on the big stage,” WTA Vice-President and Coaching Director Tim Robinson said.

“We see this as a great opportunity to develop our players to get to that stage. Now with a tangible Touch goal in the picture, we want to provide players with the tools to reach their goals, and one day progress to elite competitions.”

“More and more kids want to make Touch their main sport, and this is a way we can add value to their experience with the Devils, and harness their desire to be part of our professional set-up,” Robinson said.

“This is a way for players to gain an understanding of positive health behaviours and routines, not just for Touch but for their entire life. We want our juniors to aspire to be part of this program.”

After more than a decade in the NRL, Dan is returning from the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks to spearhead ground-breaking programs to assist athlete progression and development.

WTA and BaiMed will work to deliver the following key objectives:

  • A comprehensive and holistic program with a strong focus on the educated and resilient athlete. This would ensure every player had a Long Term Athlete Development Framework (including Injury risk identification and warm-up protocols)
  • Touch-specific athlete development program with supervision and independent facilitation for additional sessions (included within the program). Speed / Agility
  • Holiday programs to continue through the time away from the Performance Centre (the middle 4-6 weeks) that will all allow for logging and accountability.
  • Nutrition education module. This would incorporate education. EG when / what / why to eat for training and competition and age appropriate

The cost of the program has been shared across WTA and participating players, with BaiMed providing a subsidy in the overall cost. The portion of the payment is included in the $240 player levy for Under 14s and Under 16s Boys and Girls teams, which also includes all Junior State Cup club fees (marquee hire, singlet, shorts or tights, cap, socks, and club shirt).

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